Variable Frequency Drives

Power control of the AC motor for HP, Torque, Speed, Position and the most Grid Friendly Starting Characteristics.  Stand-alone and Panelized.

Typical Option Enhancements
  • 1.5 & Up To  6 Year Warranty Extensions. On-Site or Depot Selections.
  • After-Installation Accidental Damage Warranty Enhancement Options - Up To 6 Years.
  • Lightning Strike  & Surge/Transient Warranty Enhancement Options - Up To 6 Years.
  • Line and Load Reactors  Exempt - Due To Bridge Design (Meets Standard VDE160) and Patented Switching Algorithm (Part of the Danfoss VVC+ Design for VLT Drives).
  • Zone 2 & 22 Enclosures (Available From The Danfoss Vacon Series & Danfoss Decentral Drives)
  • Energize The Graphical Keypad & Control Power up without main power. This is the Option to have a 24VDC receptacle for the Field Technician's Control Power Supply.
  • IGBT Transient Cancelling Switching Algorithm. Due to the VVC+ Desing, the typical IGBT Switching Spike is Cancelled out and LONG LEAD LENGTH of 1000 FT to a true VFD Duty Motor is permitted. (500 FT for Sheilded Cables).
  • All Major Fieldbus Protocols:
    Bacnet, Metasys, Siemens Apogee , Ethernet, Profibus, Modbus TCP, CANopen, LonWorks and their variations.
  • Digital, Analog, Relay I/O, Thermal/Transducer Expansion Cards.
  • Inherent SLC / PLC for small Automations where a PLC is needed.
  • Stand Alone Drive (Wall/Floor Mount,  Fuses and/or Disconnect) or  Panel Packaged Drive Options (Bypass Circuits, Harmonic Filters etc.).
  • IEEE519 Harmonic Mitigation Options (Pulses & Filters). An 18 pulse Drive is much less efficient (and more capital cost) than an Advanced Passive or Active Harmonic Filter Adder.
  • Shaft Current Filters a.k.a Common Mode filters - Superior to Bearing Shaft Brushes that wear over time. The Shaft Current filters are also suitable for Div 2 Motors unlike brushes). These filters can reside at the VFD Terminals.
  • Pumpjack (BeamPump), Presses, Some Conveyors, Lifts and other overhauling loads can regenerate power back to the VFD.
    Using Brake Resistors is one way to dissipate the energy but it's not as ECO-Friendly as some other solutions.
    BlueRock provides ECO-Friendly options such as Active Front Ends, Common AC & DC Buss link, Regen modules and Capacitor Banks.
  • All Enclosure versions -
    Chassis mount (IP00/20),
    NEMA 1 (IP21),
    NEMA 12 (IP54/55),
    NEMA 4/4X (IP66),
    NEMA 3R
  • Four Quadrant Control
  • Voltage Source, Neutral Point Clamp Topology
  • Cooling Strategies: Natural/Forced Air, Back Channel, Liquid, AC (Desert Duty)
Foundational Standards
Advanced Standards
Hazardous Locaton
Load Types

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